Friday, May 13, 2016

Buy One Get One Free Strategy!

I consult my Clients on a regular basis on how to generate more business. One strategy that works nicely when you have ample profitability margins is a #BuyOneGetOneFree offer. This is what I am doing myself!

If you buy a business plan or presentation of any size I will give you a free website!

If you buy a website of any size I will give you a free business plan or presentation!

My business plans and presentations are custom designed and visually stimulating so that they are more likely to "sell themselves" to your targeted audience!

The websites we custom design are impressive as well!

Visit my two websites to see samples and to read testimonials from my Clients and I am confident you will be very impressed!

The best way to attract new Clients is by giving them value for their purchase! The value in getting a product or service for free with the purchase of a product or service is very common place in all retail stores globally so why not use the same strategy for your business!?!?

The services offered by #ExpertBusinessPresentations are turnkey however we can also provide a-la-carte as I want to cater to the individual needs of each Client I serve!

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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Ideas to market your business!

Use direct mail... We offer direct mail services where we can supply all materials or you can provide the materials.

Use brochures and place them at local businesses, mail them out, hand them out at seminars, trade shows, etc... We can write and design your marketing materials.

Create an impressive Folder Media Kit and selectively solicit business associations, cooperatives and other networking opportunities with those you feel will have access to your targeted Client or Customer base. We custom design and write content for Folder Media Kits.

Let us create a custom Website or WordPress site that is mobile friendly and that will give you exposure and we will also show you how to economically stay in the top of search engines for your selected key words and phrases.

Email me for samples and pricing at and call or text me anytime at 980-505-3079.

Visit my websites to read Testimonials from my Clients and to see samples of my work!

We also offer turnkey packages for businesses, projects or ventures to raise capital, seek investors, solicit city/county/state/federal agencies for concessions, grants, incentives, loans and contracts and here are two samples of our work;

Both Everest at Kings Mountain and Sexy ATL have the Development and Business Profiles as clickable downloads on the sites (links above) for your review. All of our work is 100% custom design and you will be impressed with the results. As a business consultant, published author on using social media and seasoned business plan and rfp writer I have a vast amount of knowledge to share that will save you time and money.

Monday, March 21, 2016

From websites to business presentations and more!

We do website design as part of our turnkey business consulting and design services. When a Client retains me I have a simple questionnaire I send the Client and we quickly provide (2) layout options like these samples here using Lorem Ipsum to show the visual flow of the website;

Once the Client chooses the layout they prefer (note: we can make edits if they want) I custom write all content and buy royalty free images as well as use any images the Client provides. The results are impressive and our turn-around time fast! Here are three recent websites we completed, all at three different levels of complexity and functionality;

My business #ExpertBusinessPresentations has a proven track record in helping our Clients meet and often exceed their own expectations. We offer turnkey #BusinessPlan and #Presentation design, #RFP writing, #CustomWordPress design, #PowerPointPresentations and even logos, folder media kits, brochures, flyers, business cards and more. For those seeking private capital and/or city, county, state or even federal concessions, grants, incentives, loans, etc... we offer turnkey packages like this one;

We custom designed Rick Walliser's WordPress site, had the video professionally made using the script I wrote, embedded his social media, custom designed his Development Profile (see pdf as clickable download) and custom designed his marketing and promotional materials as well as created 2 website layouts for our future design of his website. Here is a visual;

I custom write all business plans, presentations, proposals, RFP's and other documents and I never use templates or fill-in-the-blank software programs as all of our work is 100% custom design. A Business Profile is between 12-20 pages depending upon the business, project or venture and is custom written and designed for visual stimulating and easy comprehension by the readers and targeted audience. Here is what a cover and table of contents looks like for one of our repeat Clients;

Every business, project or venture is uniquely different and therefore we write each one differently with some common similarities. Here is a video showing what I do;

Please call or text me anytime at 980-505-3079 and email me at for more information. You can read testimonials and see project snapshot videos as well as see samples of my work on my website at;

I look forward to getting to know you and am excited about doing business! My name is Johnny Giles and I am ready to serve your business needs today!