Friday, May 13, 2016

Buy One Get One Free Strategy!

I consult my Clients on a regular basis on how to generate more business. One strategy that works nicely when you have ample profitability margins is a #BuyOneGetOneFree offer. This is what I am doing myself!

If you buy a business plan or presentation of any size I will give you a free website!

If you buy a website of any size I will give you a free business plan or presentation!

My business plans and presentations are custom designed and visually stimulating so that they are more likely to "sell themselves" to your targeted audience!

The websites we custom design are impressive as well!

Visit my two websites to see samples and to read testimonials from my Clients and I am confident you will be very impressed!

The best way to attract new Clients is by giving them value for their purchase! The value in getting a product or service for free with the purchase of a product or service is very common place in all retail stores globally so why not use the same strategy for your business!?!?

The services offered by #ExpertBusinessPresentations are turnkey however we can also provide a-la-carte as I want to cater to the individual needs of each Client I serve!

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